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Thursday, December 6th, 2012 11:27 am

LXXVI. Stuffà molto breve perfettissima.
Se tu voy fare stuffa molto breve, toy VI polastri e fay sofrigere in lardo, poy sema del lardo s’el ge n’è tropo; habij late de mandole destemperato cum agresta, habii zenzevro e taialo menuto, habii datali e taiali in quarto e dà colore a questa vivanda de zafarano e vole esser ben salà.

 LXXVI.  Stew very short most perfect.
If you want to make stew very quickly, take six hens and fry in lard, then take from the lard when they are not too much; have almond milk tempered with verjuice, have ginger cut finely, have dates and cut in quarters and to give color to this dish add saffron and it will be a good dish.

 What I did:
1 whole organic chicken
4 tbsp. lard
1cup almond
2 cup verjuice
1 cup dates

Prepare almond milk by macerating almonds in verjuice- I ran it in the food processor for 5 minutes, then drain. Cut up chicken then brown in lard – 5 minutes each side. Drain lard, return chicken to pan and simmer in covered pan with quartered dates (in the future I would slice them into smaller pieces), verjuice and saffron. Delicious! This dish was creamy, although completely dairy free. I would definitely make this again!

I still need to set up an alternate photo account or breakdown and by myself a year or so paid membership to LJ. I took a ton of process pictures for this and the other recipes I've been working on. I've just been feeling bogged down and blue and haven't gotten around to posting.


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